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Cold Steel 20K Kudu

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Cold Steel 20K Kudu Review

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Cold Steel 20K Kudu Description

In South Africa, an inexpensive ring lock folder is sold everywhere. It's a good design, but it's constructed from sub-standard materials, is poorly made, and is horribly overpriced. And yet, millions of these knives are sold there each year. Well, we thought we could do better, in the quality of materials, cutting performance, and in price.The Cold Steel Kudu, takes some cues from its South African competition, but our version is vastly superior. Ours has a Krupp 4116 Stainless steel flat ground blade, heat treated to Rc 56-57 for better edge holding ability and ease of re-sharpening, and a thin razor sharp edge.Specifications:- Weight: 2.4 oz.- Thick: 2mm- Blade: 4 1/4- Handle: 5 3/4" long. Zytel- Steel: Krup 4116 Stainless- Overall: 10